Clinical Data Warehouse

The Clinical Data Warehouse is composed of data from 2007 to present and encompasses approximately 3.8 million individual patients of all ages from across South Carolina. It includes inpatient, outpatient and emergency department encounters; diagnoses and procedures; medication orders and administrations; laboratory results; and height/weight measurements.


Clinical data is a powerful enabler of scientific discovery that can lead to new technologies, pharmaceuticals and improved processes. Access to relevant clinical data remains a significant barrier for many researchers. HSSC has created a statewide Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW) and data management platform that supports data-driven clinical trials and medical research in South Carolina and with strategic partners nationwide. This unique system gathers and aggregates patient data such as demographics, diagnoses, and medications, and then makes the clinical information available to researchers. The goal is to accelerate research that may potentially result in life-changing medical solutions.

HSSC’s Clinical Data Warehouse has six components:

  • Data sharing agreement and governance framework
  • Master Patient Index that allows for matching an individual patient’s clinical records from multiple information systems.
  • Interface engine that supports the collection and transformation of clinical data from members’ electronic health records systems and conversion into standardized formats.
  • Operational data store (database) that integrates data from multiple sources for additional data manipulation.
  • Analytical data store (database) that is the central database for storing and managing aggregated, normalized data.
  • i2b2 is an open source application that allows researchers to access de-identified patient counts.

How to Use the CDW

Access to de-identified patient counts is available to researchers through i2b2. Access to higher level data requires approval through the data request process.

Question What sort of data is available on the CDW?

The Clinical Data Warehouse includes inpatient, outpatient and emergency department encounters; diagnoses and procedures; and much more! You can view our latest data dictionary here.

Question What is the Data Request Process?

After you submit your Clinical Data Request, you will be contacted by one of our Honest Brokers to schedule an appointment for a consult. After your consult, you will be given the opportunity to revise, finalize, and re-submit your data request. 

Your complete request will then by given to the Data Request and Review Committee (DRRC) for approval. If approved, your request will be transferred to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for their review and approval. If the IRB requests changes, the DRRC will need to review and approve these changes as well.

Once both entities have reviewed and approved the request, the data will be delivered in a secure way. 

Question Where can I submit a clinical data request?

To request access or data from the Clinical Data Warehouse for research purposes, you must be a faculty member, medical staff member, employee, or sponsored end-user that is engaged in healthcare-related research activities of a participating institution. A researcher shall agree to be bound by a Data Use Agreement (DUA)

To access i2b2, a self-service research query tool of the CDW designed for the purpose of requesting aggregate or de-identified clinical data from one or more Participants, click here

To request a limited-data set or identified data for research purposes, please submit a data request by clicking here. Please note that IRB approval is required before identified data can be provided.

Question When will my request be reviewed?

In order for your request to be on the agenda, please submit you final, revised data request (which follows your honest broker consult) by the following dates:

Final Submission of Revised Data Request Review at DRRC Meeting
January 25, 2016 February 3, 2016
February 22, 2016 March 2, 2016
March 28, 2016 April 6, 2016
April 25, 2016 May 4, 2016
May 23, 2016 June 1, 2016
June 27, 2016 July 6, 2016


Request Information

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