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Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW)

Health Sciences Health Improvement (HSHI), LLC, a South Carolina limited liability company, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Health Sciences South Carolina (HSSC), and Participants have been working to establish a statewide Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW) system as part of its mission to improve the health of all South Carolinians. The creation of the CDW and the data management platform support the goal of significant growth in clinical trials and medical research by facilitating collaboration across HSSC member organizations.

The CDW solution consists of the following components:

• Master Patient Index (MPI), which allows for the matching of clinical records from across disparate information systems for a single patient;

• Interface Engine, which allows for the real time and/or batch input and transformation of clinical data from the members’ Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) systems and/or data warehouses and converts the data into standardized formats;

• Operational Data Store, a database designed to integrate data from multiple sources for additional operations on the data. It is an important staging area for the data within the data warehouse architecture and provides the ability to organize data across sources;

• CDW Database, the central database where aggregated data is stored and managed. This database contains the latest record for all patients and encounters and is used for identified data requests and reporting.

• i2b2 (Integrating Informatics from Bench to Bedside), an open source application which allows researchers access to de-identified clinical data from their home institution or across HSSC institutions.

The data being loaded includes demographics, visits/encounters, diagnoses, procedures, labs, and medications. Although the CDW has been deployed for research purposes, the architecture supports secondary uses for the aggregated or non-aggregated data including clinical data marts that individual members could deploy for their unique purposes. Clinical data marts are an example of optional services that HSHI can provide which leverage the information infrastructure. The architecture is designed to protect patient privacy and confidentiality and data security.

Collaboration among the partner institutions will provide the following ongoing services and value:

• Data for 3.2 million patients of all ages across South Carolina

• Statewide Master Patient Index • Data from multiple health systems, including patients with all payer types

• Longitudinal data files with real time updates • Cohort identification and analysis

• Brokered data delivery services for identified data (with IRB approval) .

• Biostatistician support


Governance [top]


The Data Collaboration Agreement (DCA) Governance Committee (the “GC”), a committee of HSHI, shall have primary oversight of the governance of the CDW and of the on-going development of policies and procedures to manage and operate the CDW. Governance Structure


Access [top]

To request access or data from the Clinical Data Warehouse for research purposes, you must be a faculty member, medical staff member, employee, or sponsored end-user that is engaged in healthcare-related research activities of a participating institution. A researcher shall agree to be bound by a Data Use Agreement (DUA)

  1. To access i2b2, a self-service research query tool of the CDW designed for the purpose of requesting aggregate or de-identified clinical data from one or more Participants, go to
  2. To request a limited-data set or identified data for research purposes, please submit a data request via Please note that IRB approval is required before identified data can be provided.
  3. If your access has been approved and you are experiencing difficulties, please call 803-956-9833 for assistance.


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